The Quantico team and associates are leading industry experts and specialists in their respective fields. We present leading edge innovation, systems, applications and methodologies that will transform your business or organisation to improve processes, guarantee continuous improvement, manage accountability, monitor performance and deliver positive bottom line results through identified sustainable savings.

Industry Leader

Quantico team members and our partners are at the forefront of original thought and innovation.

Separate to our professional partnership activities with TeamAssurance, Longitude6 and Protel, Quantico team members pioneered the creation of Distribution Analytics Software in 1984 and continue to deliver leading edge business performance solutions.

TeamAssurance have pioneered the development of an Australian first Digital Operations Excellence software Application built around Lean architecture.

Longitude6 have developed DELTA the only recognised optimal HSE EcoSystem for companies to achieve their objective in reducing the impact of workplace injury on their business and their employees.

Protel have been industry leaders for twenty years in re-engineering cost effective high performance telecommunications solutions to a wide range of businesses.


Quantico trusted partners are all Australian based and owned business entities with International reach.

The TeamAssurance Digital Operations Excellence software is a first for Australia and possibly worldwide. The application is being widely accepted across a variety of businesses in such fields as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and local government. The key to this program is that it links ACTIONS TO PEOPLE.

A multitude of products and services, providers and clinicians claim to have ‘the solution’ to minimising exposure to workplace injury and workers compensation liability and costs. However, the reality is that whilst many do provide excellent services and resources, until the development of The Delta Method by Longitude6 no single product nor service could independently provide a total solution.

An organisation recognised for the provision of independent unbiased advice and solutions across the communications spectrum in regard to Voice, Data & Mobile communications and the associated equipment and systems utilised. A free Audit of current costs and services will reveal likely cost savings and always provide options to consider.

Resource Excellence

Quantico is at the pinnacle of sourcing and facilitating technology excellence to manage the health of your business and employees through consultative specialist guidance allowing the delivery of stability and growth to your organisation.

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Successfully supporting infrastructure and simplifying operations in a variety of industries.


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