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Quantico X team members have been dedicated to guiding our valued clients through the intricate landscape of the telecommunications industry since the late 1990s. Over the years, we have witnessed the ebb and flow of competition, with various players entering and exiting the Australian telecommunications market. Despite this ever-changing landscape, certain fundamental aspects have remained consistent.

In 1991 and 1992, we embarked on a comprehensive survey, reaching out to approximately 1100 companies involving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Large businesses and Corporate entities.

These surveys aimed to uncover the prevailing challenges and concerns faced by businesses accessing telecommunications services. What became abundantly clear then, and continues to hold true to this day, is the persistence of specific questions and issues that perplex organisations as they navigate the complexities of this critical service market.

Through the passage of time, certain inquiries consistently resurface. These inquiries include:

  1. Lack of Telecom Account Auditing: A prevalent concern is that a significant majority of organisations, exceeding 90%, do not conduct audits of their telecommunications accounts. This oversight often results in unnecessary expenses and missed opportunities for cost savings.
  2. Contract Management Challenges: Over 80% of surveyed organisations struggle to locate their telecommunications company agreements or contracts and often remain unaware of their renewal dates. This lack of contract awareness can lead to unfavourable terms and conditions and missed opportunities for negotiation.
  3. Billing Complexity: The industry’s intricate billing structures continue to be a source of frustration for a vast number of respondents. Understanding the basis of charging remains a significant hurdle, causing confusion and potentially inflated costs.
  4. Customer Service Issues: Many organisations reported difficulties when dealing with telecommunications Call Centres, citing issues such as poor response times, inadequate follow-up, and a lack of timely resolutions to problems.

As we fast forward to the present day, not much has changed in the Australian telecommunications market. While technological advancements have improved communication methods, systems and technical performance, the essential challenges and questions persist. Improved technologies, though beneficial, can sometimes lack the crucial human touch that is needed to address these persistent issues effectively.

This is where Quantico X steps in. We founded Quantico X and partnering with Protel with a clear mission – to usher in substantial change in all these aspects of the telecommunications industry and to drive down the cost of network services on a sustainable basis. Our track record shows that clients typically achieve savings ranging from 20% to 30% in the first year of engagement with us. Moreover, we offer a tailored billing and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting platform empowers our clients with better information and controls, allowing them to make informed decisions and navigate the telecommunications market with confidence. With Quantico X by your side, you can be assured that your telecommunications challenges will be met with expertise, dedication, and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

The primary aspects identified:

That in excess of 90% of the organisations surveyed did not Audit a (any) rendered Telecommunications Account.

That in excess of 80% of the organisations could not readily locate the telecommunications company agreement or contract, let alone to be aware when it was up for renewal.

That the vast majority of those responding admitted having some frustration is trying to interpret that basis of charging.

General observations or criticisms included difficulties communicating with Telco Call Centres, poor response, poor follow up, or having a timely response to a problem.