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An Operational Excellence Management Platform, designed to accelerate and sustain Lean Transformation, connecting topline strategy to front line activity creating a transparent operations culture that is accountable,
engaged and aligned.

This system is a major asset irrespective of whether you’re starting a Lean transformation on day one, would like to start, or are years into the journey. The proven results are staggering.

Increase in productivity, collaborate with the supply chain, reduce LTIR, simplify audits and non-compliance reports, drive continuous improvement and boosting front line engagement are just some of the benefits.

TeamAssurance is an Operational Excellence Platform, designed to both accelerate and sustain Lean transformation.

Imagine all your operations information at your fingertips. Everything in one place, on one platform, available to everyone, with next to zero administration. But it’s not a reality for most. Despite the many efficiencies we’ve gained, organizations are typically siloed with disconnected systems and spreadsheets, valuable engagement requires a taxing administrative overhead, and frontline operations activities are separated from continuous improvement efforts.

What if you could connect topline strategy to frontline activity and create an operations culture that is transparent, accountable, engaged and aligned?

Operational Excellence Platform

TeamAssurance is a digital application, available on phones, tablets, desktops and touchscreens, that empowers your people to scale and sustain Lean operations, improves leadership agility and gives a voice to frontline employees.

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Ongoing transformation is the new normal.

It’s imperative to develop a system for teams to self-identify problems, introduce changes, adopt new ways and innovate.

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